Wednesday, 16 December 2015

2015 top searches

As the markets slow down toward Christmas its always interesting to look back to see what topics and people made the news. We have put together a summary of the top searches around the world including Facebook's most talked about topics (US only), Google's top trending searches and Youtube's top trending videos. We considered Yahoo/Bing but most users are probably on those two by mistake....

It's not even an election year (next year 2016) yet politics was the most discussed Facebook topic. When Donald Trump is involved it creates a lot of lively discussions. Facebook  released other data including their most checked in locations which were Disney and Universal Studios, no data but they were probably the most popular selfie/photo location as well. The most discussed show was Game of Thrones.

The top google searches revolved around people and movies personally was surprised that Star Wars did not make the list. It topped December but not throughout the year apparently the most searched Star Wars question was what order should I watch them. There were over 897 million searches for Paris as users followed the latest news about the terrorist tragedy. In finance the top searches revolved around the Greek debt crisis (remember that) and the China stock market crash. Australian users searched for news on the Chinese economy more than any other country.

This year was also Youtube's 10th birthday surprisingly 2 TV commercials and 3 late night clips made the top ten trending Youtube video list. Youtube is no longer just User generated content it's becoming more much professional similar to TV.


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