Sunday, 28 September 2014

Oculus Rift the matrix is finally here

Facebook's (FB) mission is to make the world more open and connected whether its on PC's or mobile phones. But the question is what communication platform will be next? FB has bet $2 billion that Oculus rift the virtual reality leader will be a new communications platform. The majority of time spent on mobile phones is gaming 40% and communications 40% with FB having half the market share in communications. Virtual reality should be able to combine these two activities.

The matrix is here just plug in
Virtual reality is about tricking your brain. You are no longer looking at a screen instead you get a 110 degree view which gives you a feel that you are in the environment. Just like other platforms virtual reality needs software or apps to showcase what it can do. Oculus has focused first on gaming but down the track they plan to extend into other fields like training and travel. See the reaction of first time users below, it really tricks your body into thinking that you are actually there.

A holiday in your room
But its not only FB even Marriott is making a bet on the future. Marriott's hotels are a great place to stay on vacation. But if you can't afford a trip to Hawaii Marriott have produced a holiday experience. Users are transported to the destination for 100 seconds. This experience took 3 months to create. Pumps in the floor create the sensation of sand under your feet. Marriott is also adding other elements such as mist, heat and wind. The technology called the Teleporter (see below) will help guests to virtually explore locations such as Hawaii and London.

The transporters will be available for a couple of days at 8 key MAR hotel sites in the US. The software development comes from the same company that produced Ascend the Wall for the recent Game of Thrones tour that came to Sydney. Marriott hopes that consumers can use the Teleporter to experience different locations before booking a trip and of course a Marriott hotel. Oculus is still tinkering with a development kit that will cost you $350. Its been rumoured that a product will be available for the general public next year. The matrix has finally arrived.


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