Sunday, 18 August 2013

Travel plans

With Christmas holidays only four months away it is time to start thinking about planning a holiday. Visa has helpfully published their recent global travel intentions study for 2013. Given how far away Australia is, I guess it is no surprise that we are the one top 5 spenders in the world just behind Saudi Arabia. We are making the most of a strong Australian dollar! The UK is surprising in the bottom 5 though future intentions to spend will nearly double suggesting that the UK economy is finally recovering.

Best travel sites
Since we Australians spend so much we better plan ahead. Unsurprisingly Tripadvisor is the most popular destination for planning a trip with Expedia the most popular booking site. Though Expedia has recently taken a hit with moving aggressively into the US market. The US is the most visited destination at 17%. Tourism is extremely important for the economy contributing 9% to global GDP. In 2012 the number of international trips taken surpassed the one billion mark for the first time.

What to bring?
The most common gadget brought on the trip is a phone and the reason being is internet connectivity. The camera was second at 70%. The digital habit has taken off more in Asia with 79% of travellers uploading posts while European travellers tend to disconnect from daily life when travelling. On average global travellers take 11 days to plan a trip. Time to visit Tripadvisor, it's never too early to get organised!


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