Monday, 11 July 2016

Best social media marketing

Social media is great for marketers. If successful news goes viral. Cards against humanity have run some very successful Black Friday events. The card game is a popular "party game for horrible people" its very inappropriate and offensive on purpose. Its the most popular selling game on Amazon. Their marketing lives up to their hype offering inappropriate Black Friday experiences. Instead of receiving a discount on Black Friday they charged you $5 for nothing. Amazingly they made $71,145 and split it among employees! One person gave $100 and if you click this link you can find out what employees did with the money (some of it went to charity). Previously they sold $6 boxes of dog poo (called bullsh*t) and the year before that they raised prices from $25-$30. The price rise was great marketing for the company and widely shared on social media. The promotion was successful they kept their position as the best selling toy/game on Amazon. As a bonus the day after Black Friday they saw a lift in sales as people waited for the price to go back down to $25!

Pizza is a very shareable item so it's no surprise that pizza does well on social media. Domino's has been very savvy with technology. With just one pizza icon tweet you can order your favourite pizza. It's probably too easy. Domino's also made news with an autonomous delivery vehicle named DRU. Though it can only reach speeds of 20km an hour limiting it to neighborhood deliveries. Thoughtfully each unit will have cameras so any theft will be recorded.

I'm looking forward to the promotions cards against humanity (slightly cringing) and Domino's come up with next.

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