Sunday, 29 May 2016

PayPal investor day more than just a button

Paypal recently held an investor day. Their message to investors we are more than just a checkout button! They focused on services centered around mobile including Venmo and Braintree. In our opinion Paypal's acquisition of these two will probably go down in history as one of the best ever. Alongside these services is Paypal one touch. Paypal's goal is simple get users to transact 2-3 times a week versus today's 2-3 a month.

One touch is all you need
22 million users have opted in to one touch where users choose to stay logged in. No more forgetting your password enter it and your login info is saved (shipping, financial) for 6 months all you have to do is one touch check out. This helps retailers convert browsing to purchases on mobile. Half of all searches are on mobile, yet mobile is 10-15% of purchases 30% of Paypal's revenue are mobile.

Venmo is social payments
Venmo has become a verb for splitting payments on college campuses. The most popular transaction shared emjoi is one you can easily guess and that's pizza. It gets shared once every 20 seconds. Venmo users open the app 2-3 times per week inline with Paypal's overall long term engagement goals.

Source: Paypal investor day

While Braintree helps businesses accept payments in app or online. Braintree is made for mobile their main customers are Airbnb and Uber. Transactions have grown 3x in the past year. Braintree now has over a quarter of a billion cards on file. Overall Paypal reviews, assesses and makes decisions on 15 million transactions per day at peak second doing over a 1,000 payments. At a loss of 30 bps of payment value or 30 cents every $100. As money becomes digital and transactions move to mobile Paypal will likely get even busier.

Source: Paypal investor day

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