Sunday, 16 March 2014

RetailMeNot a digital age coupon

RetailMeNot (SALE) is the world's largest digital coupon marketplace with 500,000+ coupons covering 50,000 stores. Over the period of Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday SALE helped to process 2.6% of all e-commerce sales in the US. According to the CEO only 2-3% of visits to retail websites are converted to sales, offering coupons and discounts can increase these conversion rates. Apparently the company has not lost a contract with a retailer in the past 4 years.

Your first question might be just how is this different from Groupon? Well Groupon gives big discounts from smaller retailers sporadically while SALE gives small discounts from big companies every day of the week. Similar to Groupon SALE does not charge advertising but a commission on sales it helps to transact typically around 5% of the order value. SALE works with 90 of the top internet 100 retailers.

See SALE's advertisement below helping you cope with deal envy since 2010.

Coupons gone digital
Advertising can be difficult on the smartphone with a smaller screen, but in SALE's favor the coupon is their ad. According to the CEO of Qualcomm we check our phones 150 times a day or about once every 6.5 minutes, it is with us all the time and helps us to discover new deals. With digital coupons you no longer need to carry around paper coupon cut outs for your purchases. As a result redemption rates for digital coupons are much better between 5% and 20% compared to paper coupons around 1%. Even a small increase in conversion is extremely valuable for retailers as industry data note that up to 65% of shopping carts online are abandoned. A coupon with an extra discount might just help you to checkout.

As can be seen below mobile web visits consist of 30% of traffic and 15% of revenue.

Risks? Coupons not exclusive
Most of their content is not exclusive as 1/3 of coupons are contributed by consumers. Only around 5-10% of coupons are exclusive. Gross profits are also high at 93% potentially only room for them to go down. Also a worry are Google and Groupon who could crush the business if they decided to focus more on coupons.

Market expanded no longer just online
Having a mobile app means SALE has more than 6,000 shopping locations that the app can recognize (geofenced) when a user enters a shopping mall and offer discounts based on your location. This increases SALEs addressable market from just ecommerce to physical stores. So far 88 retailers have used their mobile app to offer discounts in store discounts for their 35,000 stores.

While the majority of coupons are American based. SALE does offer great access to Domino's Australia pizza codes coupon on!


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